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M.L. FISCHER Consulting - Creating value for all stakeholders

The company of the future must be client oriented and sustainable as the basis for building trust.

The mission of M.L. FISCHER Consulting always supports four principles in client projects:

1. Client Centricity
2. Fairness for Employees
3. Trust for Shareholders
4. Sustainability for our Society

Our team at M.L. FISCHER Consulting has 25 years of experience in the financial sector.

The experts of M.L. FISCHER Consulting have experience in ... 

... International projects

... Strategy and process projects

... M&A projects

... Start-up company

... Digital Strategy

... Fintech Strategy

... Banking Strategy

... Brokerage Projects

... Retail Banking Projects

... Corporate Banking Projects

Dr. Matthias Fischer, CEO at M.L. FISCHER Consulting, describes the business models of the future in his 2021 new book Fintech Business Models - Applied Canvas Method and Analysis of Venture Capital Rounds.

"Thousands of small and young companies are trying to take over parts of the value chain in banking with the help of digital business models. Scalability plays an important role in all fintech companies. In many cases the most important user interface is the mobile phone, rather than – as in traditional banking – the bank branch or the desktop browser platform.
The new business models put a strong emphasis on customer-focused services and usability, and users are invited to be an active part of the financial service, for example, in crowdfunding or in social trading."