M.L. FISCHER Services

Our services have the focus on the needs of the client. Often they start with a strategy or benchmarking project and then develop in other areas like processes, implementation planning, implementation monitoring, or even M&A process support. M.L. FISCHER supports the clients in all fields and develops solutions. Trust is key for our management consulting services, all our client relationships are strictly confidential.

1. Consulting

Business Model Evaluation

Strategy Clients, Products, Channels

Value Based Management

Process Management

Client Centric Strategy


2. Workshops

Strategy Workshop

Innovation Workshop

M&A Strategy and Processes Workshop

Fintech Workshop

3. Coaching

Strategy and Project Management

M&A Strategy and Processes

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Value creation and client centricity for financial services -  M.L. FISCHER has a specific industry profile.

If you are a bank, a financial services provider, a platform, a fintech or an investor, let us see if we can create value for our stakeholders.

Sustainability and Trust

Sustainability needs long term economic solutions. All stakeholders must trust the the sustainability of the business model. Let us cooperate to build the future of your company.

Fintech Business Models - the future in banking

The fintech market has created many new companies around the world, ranging in employee numbers from a handful to several thousand. Most of these young companies are financed with venture capital. Fintechs are active in alternative payments, investments by robo advisors and social rrading platforms, credit and crowdfunding, blockchain, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Matthias Fischer analyzed the new business models in his 2021 book FINTECH BUSINESS MODELS. Learn more with the Link to the book Fintech Business Models


Some tech companies – such as GAFA and their Chinese counterparts, Alibaba, Baidoo and Tencent – have successfully expanded into
financial services. GAFA and Alibaba, Baidoo or Tencent own the interface to the client and the client data; they can use their platforms to offer all kinds of banking services. They all start with payment services but eventually add more and more financial products and end up posing a real threat to traditional banks.


Google Pay allows users to pay using their phone in stores or for transit, in apps or
on websites. Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service. Facebook uses its Messenger to enable digital payments. Facebook promotes the development of its cryptocurrency project, Libra.
Amazon Pay is a digital wallet for customers as well as a payment network for
both online and brick-and-mortar merchants or shoppers.

Robo Advisory

Banks as well as asset managers have invested heavily in digital investment advisory and automated asset management. On the one hand, the costs of documentation requirements
are rising due to the increasing regulation in investment advisory. On the other hand, margins and revenues are diminishing due to cost-effective exchangetraded
fund (ETF) products and the need for more transparency of fees.


Artificial intelligence (AI) in the area of banks and fintechs is often applied in the
forms of machine learning and chatbots. The integration of AI in financial services
just started a few years ago and will surely increase. Some banks already operate
chatbots for service functions and others use chatbots for information and client
knowledge, for example, on capital market products.